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Maria Fedecka about 1950
Maria Fedecka, her daughter Halina and
son Ziemowit

Maria Fedecka and her daughter Barbara, This photo was publishes in a journal or in a book. Source unknown.

Maria Fedecka as an angel. by A. Bogen (2002) In: Daniel Kac "Wilno Jerozolima bylo", 2003. Courtesy: 'Pogranicze', Sejny, Poland.
Maria Fedecka and Roza Chwoles.
This photo was taken in Brussels at the end of 1950's.
  Maria Fedecka and Dala Smilg. This photo was taken in 1944 or 1945. Dala and her parents left for Brazil in 1946. Contact lost.  
Wilno, city center, end 1941. Credit Galeria T.Wisniewski, (courtesy: )
Wilno, city center, summer 1942. Jewish quarter.